Itinerary (take 1)

We’re constantly redefining our itinerary as we learn more about flight possibilities, activities and events. I thought I’d share our plan as it looks right now.

  • Flight Oslo, Norway – Brisbane, Australia in early December 2012.
  • Roadtripping from Brisbane to Sydney the first three weeks of december.
  • Flight Sydney, Australia – Guatemala City, Guatemala in late December (possibly with a stopover in LA)
  • Spanish classes and volunteer work in Guatemala (Antigua and Xela) for about three weeks.
  • Spend two weeks travelling from Guatemala through Belize to Mexico.
  • Flight Cancun, Mexico – Havana, Cuba in late january
  • 10 days on Cuba visiting Havana, Trinidad and Vinales (salsa!).
  • Flight Havana, Cuba – Port-of-Spain, Trinidad and Tobago
  • Carnival in Trinidad and Tobago (11.-12. february 2013) followed by a couple of weeks on other Caribean islands.
  • Travel from Caribbean to Colombia (a flight, buses, …we’ll find out when we’re there!).
  • March will be a travel-heavy month where we’ll go from Colombia through Ecuador to Peru (Machu Picchu!?), visit the salt desert in Bolivia and travel through Chile to get to Buenos Aires, Argentina.
  • April we’ll spend in Buenos Aires eating steak, dancing tango and salsa and generally just enjoying ourselves!
  • May is Brazil (we may visit the Iguazu falls on our way from BA) with a few days in Rio, chilling on Ihla Grande and generally just soaking up the culture here as well!

Late May/early June 2013 will mark the end of our trip and we’ll leave from Rio to go back to Oslo, Norway.

I  love our current travel plan, although I’m certain we’ll be making changes all the time, especially when we’re actually there! There are also so many places we’re still considering such as the Galapagos Islands, Panama, Venezuela, Amazonas, etc.