Itinerary (take 2)

This is our current itinerary, take 2. The biggest change since last itinerary is that we’ve decided to drop Australia (we’ll do Australia some other time for sure) and go straight to Cancun in Mexico. Our strategy is to book as little as possible before we leave, do whatever we want to do along the way and have as few commitments as possible.

  • Flight Oslo, Norway – Cancun, Mexico November 27th 2012
  • Chillaxing at the Yucatan peninsula for a week or two to get into travel mode
  • Spanish classes and volunteer work in Guatemala (Antigua and Xela) for about three weeks.
  • Spend Christmas and New Years some where in Central America (Belize, Honduras..)
  • A couple of weeks on Cuba visiting Havana, Trinidad and Vinales (salsa!)
  • 2-4 weeks in the Caribbean
  • Travel from Caribbean to Panama and Colombia, and further down to Equador (Galapagos Islands?)
  • After that we’ll catch a flight down to Buenos Aires in Argentina to spend som time both in BA and around before autumn/winter sets in
  • In may the rain season is hopefully over in Peru and Bolivia, and we can go on adventures at Machu Picchu and in the Amazonas
  • Our last leg will be sunbathing along the Brazilian coast and spending a week or two in Rio