Relaxing on the beach in Tulum, Mexico


We’re here! We’ve actually startet our journey! It’s really strange to finally be on our way after all this time saving and planning. A strange feeling, but also a GREAT feeling.

We have also updated our packing list with what we actually brought along. Some will probably say it’s too much, some will say it’s too little. Either way, the backpacks ended up a few kilos heavier than we earlier estimated and hoped for.. oh well.

Tuesday 27. November 2012 – travel day
We spent our last night in Norway at Andreas and Thea’s house, getting up at 5 am to catch an early Flytog to Gardermoen. Our flight left at 7:40 to London. Next was the longhaul to Dallas, and lastly a quick hop to Cancun. All the flights were on time and rather pleasant. Some strange people of course, we had a rather strange woman sitting next to us from London to Dallas, with her big backpack on her lap the entire flight, lots of newspapers scattered around her, and constantly asking the staff for something. Looking at the flight attendants she was even less popular with them than with us..

Arriving in Cancun we realized we should have planned more, we ended up spending way to much to get to Tulum. We knew there was a local bus, unfortunately we hadn’t made plans or knew where to buy the ticket. We ended up in a taxi with a young Argentinian couple (on their honeymoon!) who knew just a little more English than we knew Spanish – but they were SO happy to be traveling so it didn’t matter. On the way out of the taxi the guy shouted his name and for us to look him up on Facebook, so we could hook up when we go to Buenos Aires. Unfortunately, we forgot his name before he closed the door – 24 hours of travelling will do that to you.

When we finally arrived at ParaYso hotel on the beach in Tulum, it was dark, almost eleven o’clock at night and the hotel was under renovation. Suddenly a young man came running and luckily he found our reservations, a key and a room for us. There was no electricity at the time, and after telling us it would be there in three minutes, he closed the door to our room and left us in utter darkness! The light never turned on that night, and we were glad we brought our headlights! It didn’t really matter though, as we were super ready for sleep.

Also worth mentioning about our hotel is that it didn’t have warm water (related to the power) and the weak water pressure reminded us of a certain Seinfeld episode, and also the toilet has one of the weirdest soft toilet rings – welcome to paradise!


Wednesday 28. November 2012 – looking around
The next day we walked far up the beach, checking out the other resorts and getting to know the area. The beach is absolutely amazing, with the white sand, the constant waves, the warm breeze and not too many other people!

We ate our first tacos for lunch and decided we looove tacos, and have eaten tacos every day since.


Thursday 29. November 2012 – tanning time
We woke up to beautiful weather, and decided to just lounge outside our hotel on the beach. Got out our Kindles and simply enjoyed ourselves – just like paradise!

We also decided what to do next: On Thursday December 6th we’re flying to Cuba and staying until December 25th! We’re looking forward to travelling around, dancing salsa and learning more Spanish :)

This was also the day our hotel got electricity AND hot water (although still no water pressure)! Even after just two days without warm water, this felt great!


These pictures were actually taken on Wednesday when the weather was not so good..


Friday 30. November 2012 – biking around

We got up early to rent bikes, and went to Tulum center. It’s actually quite far, about 8 km I think. We went by the Tulum ruins as well, but didn’t enter as there were busloads of tourists being let of at that exact time! (mostly big Americans from Cancun) We’ve decided to go another day and be there when the park opens at 8 am.

Tulum center is very different from the beach, and has it’s own charm. Everything is much cheaper and we found a hotel to stay at next week – the rooms have fridges, but we’re actually not sure whether there is hot water. We’ve also found a language school, and some cooking classes that we’ll be joining.

On our way home from Tulum, we stopped at one of the roadside shops to find a hat. We didn’t find any we liked though, but the guy working there also does guided tours, and we ended up planning a tour on Sunday. The tour is for swimming with sea turtles and lots of colorful fish and going into a cenote. We’re looking forward to it!

It’s really strange to still have seven months left doing exactly as we want, but it also feels really really good! We’re loving it :)



Et lite tips (spesielt til farmor og mormor): Til høyre på denne siden er en liste som heter “Latest news”. Dette er en twitter-konto som vi poster fra oftere enn vi lager store bloggposter. Her poster vi bilder, hvor vi er og hva vi driver med. Dere kan se alt vi legger ut her:


4 thoughts on “Relaxing on the beach in Tulum, Mexico

  1. Yay til oppdatering! Godt å høre at Mexico er en bra start…og er supermissunnelig på maten! Syns å huske den var god ja. Stilig at dere stikker rett til Cuba :) PS: Vurderer kjøp av kindle..hvilken har dere? Anbefalinger? Den nye paperwhite ser digg ut..

    • Jeg har en Kindle Keyboard som er et par år gammel som jeg er veldig fornøyd med. Mathias har Kindle uten keyboard med reklame og er veldig fornøyd med den (reklamen er ikke irriterende). Jeg har med 3G slik at jeg kan kjøpe nye bøker hvor som helst, Mathias må på wifi. Ser ingen grunn til å betale mer for 3G, enkelt å bare kjøpe flere bøker når man har wifi. De nye paperwhite er sikkert enda bedre å lese på, og kjekt med built-in light, men det fungerer også helt utmerket å lese på de gamle, og lys kan du få i et cover. Vi sier kjøp den billigste + cover :)
      Vi gleder oss til Cuba – vi skal faktisk være der i nesten 3 uker så har god tid til å se store deler av Cuba!

      • Vil anbefale en restaurant i Havana. Maten er god (vel..til å være på Cuba), men det er stemningen og interiøret som gjør den spesiell. La Guarida Ikke den billigste, og man må ofte reservere, men..defintivt et av høydepunktene våre etter mye daff mat på Cuba.

      • Takk for anbefaling! Da har vi én plass vi vet vi skal innom i hvert fall :) Hvis du har andre anbefalinger til ting å se, steder å overnatte, eller plasser å spise så er vi interesserte!

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