Learning Spanish in Tulum

We decided that we wanted to learn a little Spanish before we left for Cuba (Thursday!), and have enrolled at Chac Mool. Chac Mool is a language school here in Tulum pueblo, where we’ve been staying at the hostel El Punto since Sunday.

The school is on the other side of town, and we ride our free hostel bikes about 20 minutes through town to get there.

Our maestra de gramática is Alexandra and our maestra de conversación is Tania. They are very good teachers and always in a good mood.


Alexandra and Tuva


Tania and Mathias

We’ve learned how to greet people, what to say in restaurants, stores, taxi, the bus station and some general vocabulary that is necessary for travelling. We’ve already used what we learned to buy bus ticket to Cancun at the ADO bus station here in Tulum! It went very well, although after really practicing spelling our names, we didn’t need it because he just pushed his keyboard in to us.. Well, if you ever need to spell Tuva’s name in Spanish – here is the way to say it: Teh ou uveh ah.

Tomorrow is our last day of language school for now, we’ll continue in Guatemala in January!


We’ve ordered our first tacos using only Spanish (there wasn’t even a menu), and we actually got food!


Mathias is blending in with the Mexicans


Dos Mexicanos


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