Dos Ojos Cenote (Nativo Tours part 1)

We went on a snorkeling day trip with David Barlow of Nativo Tours this past Sunday to see a cenote, sea turtles and fishes. This post is about the cenote, and the next post will be about the rest (part 2). On the trip we also met Rebecca, a british girl living in New York, who did the trip for the second time (!).

First stop was Dos Ojos Cenote. A cenote is an underground cave filled with water, stalagmites and stalagtites (pointy limestone). The water was cold, and there was only natural light coming in from the openings of the cave. We went in with our snorkeling gear on, and David had an underwater flashlight to show us the way. Underneath us we could see the flashlights from the scuba divers swimming deep beneath the stalagmites – it looked scary to be down there!

It was a little bit difficult to take pictures in the cenote due to the darkness, but it was an excellent opportunity to try out the new underwater housing for my Canon Powershot S95 and it worked like a charm! (at least with a little natural light from the openings)

It is sad to say, but the whiteness of our skin in these pictures is not just the light and camera flash – we are still really norwegian-winter white and obviously not yet tanned backpackers..

The cenote was very pretty (at least what we saw) and awe-inspiring, considering the thousands of years it has taken to make the rock formations. We also saw some-hundred bats in the batcave. (unfortunately not The Batcave) All in all the trip was well worth the time and money (2150 MXN) spent and we can recommend David and Nativo Tours, as he focuses on private tours with few people at the same time.


Entering the cenote


The batcave


One of the many pictures not doing justice to the spectacular sights, but because of the low light, most ictures came out blurry and/or black


The cenote ghost (because he is white as a…)


Ms. Milky White


Mathias freediving like a boss


Mathias again freediving like a boss


A mermaid or Tuva.. not sure


Testing out the new camera


Rebecca and the guide David



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