Turtle bay and the lagoon (Nativo tours part 2)

After going to the Dos Ojos Cenote, we went to Akumal to see the sea turtles and go to a lagoon to snorkel.


In Turtle Bay there were a lot of sea turtles eating the sea grass that grows on the bottom. We were not allowed to touch them, but we could swim quite close. David also told us that there often is a 1.5 m barracuda in the bay that you can swim up to, unfortunately (Tuva: NOT) it wasn’t there when we visited.



We had some delicious fish tacos in Akumal, along with more guacamole and totopos! We have eaten a lot of totopos in Mexico (triangular fried tortillas) – it comes free with almost every meal! There is even a breakfast dish that contains mostly totopos, Chilaquiles, which is really good (it resembles what we call nachos in Norway).


The lagoon was situated on a private property previously owned by the Grateful Dead, and rumor has it that the guy who bought the house had to scrape resin off the walls for 3 days. The lagoon had two layers of water, fresh water from a stream and sea water. This brackish water is blurry when mixed, thus the blurry pictures (of course not the photographers fault).


Of marine life the most interesting we saw was a school of regal tang (as in Dory, Marlin’s crazy companion in Finding Nemo) in the lagoon. Other “marine life” consisted of a huge party (not only by numbers) of Mexicans bathing and shouting and having fun.




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