Just ruining it

On our way from Cancun in Mexico to Antigua in Guatemala we decided we’d stop by Tikal, the place of maybe the most famous Maya ruins today. We are not big ruin-buffs, but we figured that these were worth the trip.

Temple I

Fun fact: Tikal actually means “echo”, and the way the temples are built they give a very peculiar echo, similar to the sound of a Quetzal, the national bird of Guatemala. (pretty cool for acoustic geeks)

We went early in the morning (woke up 4:15) to beat the crowd and see the sunrise. We beat the crowd, but were a bit unlucky with the weather and didn’t see any sunrise, just grey clouds.

Above the treetops

Luckily our day was not ruined by the weather (get it?). We spent the entire morning there and the ruins were enormous in person (completely different from the ones we saw in Tulum). You can walk among them for several hours and even walk on top of some and into others.

It was a great experience and highly recommended. We stayed in the nearby town of Flores, which was a nice and not too expensive place to keep as a base.

The rest of the photos can be found here.

Tuva the explorer

Tiny Mathias


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