Spanish Academy Sevilla in Antigua

We did 5 days of Spanish classes in Antigua, Guatemala, to help us in our further travels. We chose Spanish Academy Sevilla because of the good price/value and we have to say that 20 hours there has done a lot for our language skills! We still need to work on a lot of vocabulary, but we can get along pretty well in further ventures in Spanish-speaking countries.

Spanish Academy Sevilla

Tuva’s teacher was Elvia (pronounced Elbia), and she has been giggling a lot at Tuva’s many attempts at using French words in Spanish sentences.

Tuva learning Spanish


Mathias teacher was Axel, and probably the most important thing Mathias learned from him was the chords to Chan Chan.

Chan Chan

The school also provided homestay. We stayed in Casa de las Rompecabezas (house of puzzles – directly translated it is “Broken head”) with Chiqui and Lico. The name of the casa is because they love puzzles and actually have framed 80 big puzzles in their house. In addition to our room, they had three other student rooms where we met Kathy from Canada, Beth from Wales, and Claudia and Kylie from Los Angeles.



We’ve been really happy with Spanish Academy Sevilla, and would absolutely recommend it. It’s also possible to combine the Spanish school with voluntary work with children, as the LA girls are doing, but unfortunately we didn’t have time now.


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    • Thanks! I’ve found that F2.8 on my Sigma 30mm and -2/3 exposure gives pretty nice and intimate portraits, both in sharpness and bokeh/out of focus areas.. 80% of them are shot with these settings ;)

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