M&T = Two Happy Beans

To spice up our trip we did a 3-hour cooking class at El Frijol Feliz (aka The Happy Bean) where we learned to cook some of Guatamala’s typical dishes.

Chopping and posing

We learned how to make chile rellenos (vegetables, chicken and chilies fried in egg batter), frijoles volteados (refried beans), tortillas (corn flour), tortitas de papa (fried potato mash) and rellenitos (fried plantain-mash with chocolate and beans(!) inside).

Chile Rellenos done

The cook was a 50-something cheery Guatemalan woman who only spoke Spanish and her favorite words were “No, mas!” when Mathias asked if he was done chopping onions. It was a bit trying at times, however the manager was frequently there to explain to us the details in English and fill up our glasses with beer and wine.

Cooking Guatemalan food

There was a lot of food in the end, and we left very stuffed, with some rellenitos to share with our amigos in the house. All in all it was a nice experience, although a little pricey ($90 total), and we left with some yummy recipes to bedazzle our friends and family back home in Norway.

Dinner is served


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