Jungle adventures

After watching the adventures of El Hobbit (the Hobbit) in Guatemala City we were ready for an adventure of our own and headed into the jungle, more precisely Semuc Champey.


We stayed at Utopia Eco Hotel, a big cabin with some smaller cabins around, 3 km outside the Semuc Champey park in the middle of the jungle. They have only been running for 6 months and the very good reviews on TripAdvisor led us to try it out, in stead of choosing one of the more classic places, such as El Portal (just outside the park) or Zephyr Lodge (in Lanquin). It was a nice place, but it must be said that we didn’t have quite the amazing picture of the place as most of the TripAdvisor reviews at the time of writing. We paid a premium price for the private riverfront cabins with hot water (more than twice the price of the next option), and the cabins were nice but the water was barely lukewarm and the furnishings were minimal. Also the food was only vegetarian and not always that good, but okay. It must also be said that we were unlucky with the weather, which probably influenced our experience.

Tread careful

Photo kids

On the first day we went for a “Indiana Jones” like hike across some old rope bridges and slippery slopes. We met some very nice locals, most of them very curious and giggly about us white weird tourists, and got really dirty in the mud.

The next day we went for a guided tour to Semuc Champey, which included a cave, where we swam in the water and climbed ropes with only a candle as light, a jungle trek to look out over the park, and finally swimming and sliding in the pools. All in all it was an awesome adventure and our guide was very good at taking care of us.

In the cave

Waterfall climb

Waist high water

Semuc Champey pools 1



All alone with the pool

Slide 1

More pictures of Semuc Champey and the rest of our travels in Guatemala can be found here.


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