100 days of travelling!

Today we’ve had
100 days on the road
100 days of new experiences
100 days of meeting new and interesting people
100 days of doing whatever we feel like
…and it feels good :)

100 days of travel

It’s been unreal and a lot of fun so far. We have celebrated the day with walking around Cartagena and a better meal at a Peruvian fusion restaurant in old town.

At  Castillo de San Felipe de Barajas

Here are some (more or less random) stats so far:

22 places
9 beaches
7 countries (11 with transit countries)
5 colonial towns

23 buses and shuttles
11 flights
11 boats

27 hotels, hostels, B&Bs and homestays/casa particulares
15 of these had “warm” water
10 meals prepared ourselves
6 nights in dorms
3 nights on a bus
2 nights in tent
1 night in hammock

27 days of prime tanning time
26 (fantasy) books read by Tuva
15 Norwegians met by random (more or less)
10 dives by Mathias
8 days of Spanish class (35 hours)
6 snorkeling trips
5 pairs of “Ray Bans” bought
3 pairs of “Ray Bans” destroyed
3 salsa classes
2 surfing trips
2 instances of severe sunburn
2 haircuts (both Mathias)
1 volcano climbed
1 instance of altitude sickness

10,000+ photos backed up (75 GB)
571 photos uploaded to Flickr (update)22 blogposts


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