Strolling the streets of Cartagena

After our wet experience in Tayrona we were done with beach and were looking forward to a bigger city with some culture and history, and our next stop on our Colombian adventure, Cartagena, fit the bill perfectly!

Cartagena is on the Caribbean coast of Colombia, with an old, walled city within and lots of colonial buildings. There are two main tourist areas in Cartagena: the old town and Bocagrande, a more upscale part with lots of American stores and fast food restaurants. We chose to live just outside old town and were very happy with that decision (Hotel La Magdalena – cheap and nice!).

The clocktower

Couples enjoying the sunset

We spent most of our time walking the streets, looking at the old buildings and churches, drinking coffee and soaking up the city’s atmosphere, which was very nice. One day we walked straight into the film set of a new Colombian TV-soap, unfortunately they didn’t need any Norwegian statists at the time..

We visited the museum Palacio de la Inquisicion (Cartagena’s history and the Spanish Inquisition) and the big castle Castillo de San Felipe de Barajas, both good experiences. We also had some good eats, especially a Peru Fusion restaurant and the ice creams from La Paletteria (we also tried Gelateria Paradisio, but were not impressed..).

Paletteria 2



We also considered going for a trip to the surrounding islands and to a man-made mud volcano, but opted out because of our time constraints and that they seemed like major tourist traps.

All in all we had some really nice days here, and Cartagena is absolutely a must-visit on a trip to Colombia, both for its history and culture, but also for it’s nearby islands and beaches (for those who want a taste of the Caribbean).

The postcard shot

Dat ass

Happy dog

Old and new lines


Sloping wall

Tourist-Tuva 1

More photos from Cartagena and our travels in Colombia can be found here.


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