Lazy days in Máncora

Sometimes it’s important with a little vacation from all the travelling, therefore we spent about 5 days on the beach in Máncora in the north of Peru, doing close to nothing. It was relaxing, beautiful and just what we needed after moving around a lot in Ecuador.

Chasing shadows

Máncora is the one of the popular beach towns in Peru, and is definitely a tourist based town, but we didn’t find it crowded in early April (although we heard it gets busier on the weekends). It is a popular spot among surfers with big breaks just off the main beach, giving us lots of entertainment from our sunbeds. Mathias braved the waves (they were much bigger than the ones we had our first surf lessons on in Nicaragua) and with a little help from an instructor he actually caught some nice ones!

Surfing like a boss

Photo by: Adrian Bjørge

Afternoon beach

We randomly met a Norwegian couple staying in a nearby hotel, Helene and Adrian, who were excellent company during our days here. We tried out some of the restaurants in the area and can especially recommend El Aji (great burritos), La Sirena d’Juan (tuna steak with passion fruit sauce!), and Green Eggs and Ham (stacks of delicious pancakes).

We stayed a couple of nights at Don Giovanni Balinese Suites, before we moved to their slightly less expensive neighbor Las Olas de Máncora. Both are beachfront hotels in the southern end of Máncora and really nice. It was good to stay in one end of the beach, due to quite loud music from the bars on the main strip, but it is of course less expensive staying in a hostel a little further from the beach near the bars and restaurants.

Red sun

El Forro

Máncora beach

Hey you in the bushes!

We really loved Máncora and our first taste of Peru, see all our pictures from Mancora and the rest of Peru here.


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