Here’s what we actually brought on our trip (and here is what we planned to bring).

Tuva’s stuff
Overview of Tuvas stuff


  • Tops: 4 sleeveless shirts, 1 thin wool racerback, 1 Gap long-sleeved shirt, 1 thin wool cardigan
  • Bottoms: Patagonia shorts, Nike tights, HM jeans
  • 2 dresses
  • Underwear: 3 bras (1 for exercise, 2 for regular wear), 5 pairs of socks (1 woolen, 4 cotton), 7 panties.
  • Beachwear: 3 bikinis (1 for swimming, 2 for sunbathing),
  • Outerwear: 1 hooded fleece, 1 hooded rainjacket (the pink bag), 1 thin down jacket (the purple bag), 1 shawl.
  • Footwear: 4 pairs of shoes – Nike free, Havaianas, ballerina, Keen sandals (not shown. I am very happy with these – they are super comfortable!)

Gadgets: Kindle, Asus EEE netbook, iPhone, Canon Powershot S95 (with waterproof case), a headlight, and adapters (A and I).

Toiletries (way too much stuff in this category): Toothpaste, toothbrush, deodorant, razor, sun lotion (SPF 50, 30 and 20 for body, and 25 for face), regular lotion, aloe vera gel, eye cream, facial lotion, facial wash, body scrub, hair mask, perfume, mosquito repellent.

Cosmetic stuff: Make-up (the little pink mesh bag), earrings, nail polishes, and flowers, elastics, hairbrush, etc. for my hair (in the little see-through bag next to the pink mesh).

Other stuff: guidebooks for central and south america, two small notebooks and pens, a cross-body shopping bag, a small purse, a laundry bag, first aid kit (the small white square-ish bag), sunglasses, swimming goggles, big and small microfiber towel, silk travel sheets and Osprey Farpoing 70 backpack including a daypack.

Three little bags in the bottom middle hold from left to right:
– travel kit (inflatable neck pillow, eye mask, ear plugs, deck of cards),
– safety stuff (wire lock, bankid, money belt),
– practical stuff (swiss army knife, laundry soap and string, duct tape, sporks, sewing kit, lighter, waterproof bag).

Mathias’ stuff
Mathias oversiktClothing: 

  • Tops: 1 long-sleeved shirt, 2 tank-tops, 3 merino t-shirts, 1 cotton t-shirt, 1 merino longsleeved v-neck sweater
  • Bottoms: 3 shorts (1 swimming, 1 surfing, 1 cotton), 1 pair of pants
  • Footwear: 3 pairs of shoes (Nike free, sandals, flip-flops)
  • Underwear: 6 merino wool boxers, 4 pairs of socks (1 wool, 3 cotton low-cut)
  • Outerwear: 1 hooded fleece, 1 hooded raincoat, 1 thin downjacket, 1 fleece neck tube.

Gadgets: Camera including 4 lenses (and camerabag sewn by Tuva!), gorillapod, camera maintenance and various accessories, iPad and Bamboo stylus, Kindle, headlight, earplugs

Toiletries (including some that are shared with Tuva): Shampoo and conditioner, soap, toothpaste, sun lotion, deodorant, contact lenses, glasses, malaria pills, in addition to some other stuff hidden in the green bag.

Other stuff: Collapsible bottle, Lifestraw (water filter), universal sink plug, microfiber towel, ukulele, liner, waterproof bag (the white one), laundry bag, and Osprey Waypoint 85 including daypack.

All packed
Here is all our stuff all packed and ready to go! Tuva 10 + 5 kg, Mathias 11 + 7 kg + ukulele. We guesstimate that of this, about 3 kilos are toiletries and about 10 kilos are gadgets.

The bags are packed

We’ll try to update this page as we learn what we miss or what we could have left behind.


4 thoughts on “Packing

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  2. Love reading your blog! I am doing a VERY similar trip to Bolivia-Peru in July (dry season) and plan going everywhere you did except for Mancora (we’re not going to make it that far north).

    I have a question about hiking shoes, I am tempted to do the same and just bring a comfortable pair of Nike frees. Did you find that they were enough for the Salt Flats, Colca Canyon and Machu Piccu? I plan on doing a similar 3D/2N tour to the Salt Flats (probably with Red Planet), 2D/1N in the Colca Canyon/Chivay and the 5 day Salkantay Trail Trek to Machu Piccu. We will also be going to Rurrenabaque/Madidi National Park.

    • Hi! Thanks for your comment! We were very happy with our choice not to bring hiking shoes – they were sufficient for everything we did during our 7 months. We didn’t do the 5 day trek to Machu Picchu though, we only walked the 45 min from the train station, so can’t really recommend anything there.. It’s a well-used trail so should be fine I think. I think the only time you’ll regret the Nike Frees is if it’s raining :) Have fun!

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